Bagel Connoisseur

Since I love bagels, today’s venture was about finding the best bagel in L.A. which as a girl from New Jersey can be hard to find. Sam’s bagel became a place of interest located in Larchmont Village, a quaint, hip area, just south of the Hollywood Sign that is overflowing with yuppy money and high-end women’s clothing stores.

Sam's Bagels

I ordered the everything bagel toasted with cream cheese and in order to see if this was a true contender I got the salt bagel too. This is a step up from the cream cheese and olives I was raised on. Those toppings don’t exist here without the guy behind the counter looking at you cross eyed. It’s okay though, cause I’ve matured.

That’s me and YES, the everything bagel is light years ahead of the grizzly, sandy, ones I’ve had previously down the street. And for those of you who go to Noah’s all I have to say is shame, shame, shame.

Now for the salt bagel. This is a different kind of salt, a more contemporary version I’ve been seeing in the bagel trends recently…I believe they use a large crystal sea salt. I dig this new salt variation. I’ve had it quite a few times and must say that it’s left me going hmmm in a good way.

All in all this was a much tastier bagel, though it was lacking the depth of the east coast dough. What can I say though, I got a piece of home today. One that was both chewy and flavorful.

Have a good bagel day!



3 thoughts on “Bagel Connoisseur

  1. would love to check out this place…. i can eat a bagel any time of the day..
    unfortunately nobody to accompany me.. all think im crazy to drive to hollywood from OC just for a bagel 😦

      • There is a joint in Huntington Beach called Bagelmania that is quite popular…you may want to try the place…
        I have not been there yet but plan to visit soon … would you like to join?

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