The Culver Hotel…a Landmark of “Old Hollywood”

The Culver Hotel is a historic hotel that allows you to step back into “Old Hollywood.” It is situated in the heart of down town Culver City that was also once home to the famous MGM Studios. This is where they filmed great movies such as Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz. The historic interior once visited by Clark Gable, The Munchkins and other stars, is authentic and utterly charming with tall ceilings and ambient lighting.

The interior has character with antique furniture covered in worn vintage fabrics that give an authentic look. There are several clocks that line the walls set to different time zones, (I love that!). It has an air of class and a level of sophistication with a jazz band playing music in the main lobby. This is the perfect place to grab a cocktail listen to some music and grab an appetizer.

They have a large drink menu with old-fashioned liquors and an everchanging menu with themed events. Some of their staple items are bruschetta over a goat cheese spread, soy chicken wings, and “feel good” desserts like milk and cookies. 😉

These wings are to die for doused in a sweet honey ginger sauce with fresh cilantro. Underneath the wings is a surprise a garlic aioli, genius!

If you are ever in the Culver City neighborhood, I highly recommend a visit 🙂

~ Amy


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