The Penthouse – Santa Monica

The Penthouse is a rooftop restaurant located in the

Huntley Hotel  at 1111 2nd street in Santa Monica, CA. I have had the wonderful pleasure of staying here on business and dining at the restaurant several times.

It is the sky view ambience and good food that keeps bringing people back. The decor is explicit and the candle light centerpieces create an atmosphere that is breathtaking. They have  a lovely brunch here and if you want to get the best seat in the house, the view that overlooks the ocean, arrive around 2:00 pm.

As I always do, I asked for a recommendation and the mac & cheese came with great confidence. Now I was a bit hesitant at first, having tried many satisfactory mac and cheese’s in the last few years with the rising trend of comfort foods. I’ve even attempted some of these gourmet mac’s myself, which call for fancy cheeses such as gruyere and fontina, but this one was DIFFERENT. This mac was made with a Wisconsin cheddar, hmm..a U.S. cheddar that was absolutely mind blowing. It is served in a little black kettle, perfect for two to share as an appetizer. It is creamy, light, and there are some other magical taste’s that take this mac to the next level.

When I go to restaurants I have learned it’s not necessarily about the largest entree on the menu, but the small bites can actually give a bigger punch and keep you coming back for more. I actually prefer the appetizers because you can order three things rather than one and get a pretty good sampling if the menu is done right.

I highly recommend their mussels. I haven’t had good mussels since I’ve been in L.A. so when this huge kettle showed up with a side basket of pomme frites, I thought I was in Paris for second. These were phenomenal, with combinations of white wine, onion, and fresh herbs that come together in a bottomless appetizer.

The Penthouse if one of L.A.’s finest. Perfect for dining, views, ambiance, and some good casual conversations.

~ Don’t forget to enjoy the oceanfront views during their brunch.

Bon Appetite!

Miss Amy


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