Zenyatta – The Dancing Horse

Since I’ve been on the topic of animals and dancing I’ve got to say one thing, Zenyatta!!! Did you see her today on her last last and final race. I couldn’t believe my eyes when on her way onto the track she literally started dancing!! I wish I had known more about her before this last race at the breeders cup, because she is one of a kind with a personality that shines.

I thought to myself is this really happening?? Is her front hoof moving like she’s in a hip hop video. And yes!! yes it was moving in a mixture of a dance and maybe even some leg waving. Now I did hit the race track earlier today at Hollywood park after being inspired by Zenyatta and three bloody mary’s later, I apologize for any grammatical errors, but I’m just being honest with you this horse has changed me forever. She made me not only want to dance my way to the last race, but make me believe we are all souls, animal or human. Animals are too truly unique, free and beautiful just like my white dove Angel. They stand for so much than the category us humans sometimes put them in, but if you can open your hearts to them you too can see they sometimes just want to dance 😛



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