Roasted Chicken and Fingerling Potatoes – (

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. for a little bit – I’ve been super busy with the hustle and bustle of the new year, but with my focus on eating right and getting back in shape, I discovered this awesome website…

GOOP! It’s Gyneth Paltrow’s new website – essentially her SCOOP on her favorite well, everything – food finds, places to visit, recipes. She sends out a newsletter every week with great tips and fun topics that anyone could benefit from.

AND that is why I was super excited to find this roasted chicken recipe and share it with you. Chicken is affordable and can feed a lot of people. I found this one at Trader Joe’s for only $5.00. The fingerling potatoes ran around $1.99 and this meal is healthy too! 🙂

Just a small side note: I actually won a cooking challenge for the Food Network preparing a whole chicken on the streets of  NYC. I grilled that chicken in a park on the east river, lol…but this chicken is oven roasted, simplistic and flavorful, plus Gyneth Paltrow’s video is super instructive and easy to learn from.

First you want to clean the chicken with a mixture of sea salt and water. Then, cut down the middle of the back to flatten the bird for faster cooking. Boil some fingerling potatoes for 8 min. Place the chicken  in a deep dish pan. Preheat oven to 450 Degrees.

Stuff the bird with some fresh sprigs of sage, rosemary, and thyme – (ya know like the Simon & Garfunkel song) and some cloves of garlic. You can add some garlic around the chicken as well breaking into small pieces.

Next, squeeze on some fresh lemon juice, so fresh! Add the potatoes. Drizzle some olive oil over the chicken and potatoes (3 tablespoons.) Sprinkle on some salt pepper. I added some chunks of red onion around the potatoes and some extra rosemary to the potatoes.

Cover with foil or a cookie sheet. I found the cookie sheet pressed down nicely on the bird, browning perfectly. Around 20 min. baste the bird. Cook for another 20 minutes. If you are using foil, remove it at this time.

I scooped out the potatoes and onion into a separate bowl – then began carving the chicken.

I made a simple salad using baby lettuce, sliced avocado, and diced tomatoes. I did an olive oil, apple cider vinaigrette with a little bit of spicy brown mustard and honey. I salt & pepper my salad with a nice sprinkle of onion and garlic powder. Toss lightly and place in fridge prior to serving.

This was such a refreshing, guiltless meal served with a lovely glass of red wine.

Thanks Gyneth for a healthy, tasty, meal! This hit the spot 😉

Bon Appetite!!

♥♥♥♥ amy


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