The Rules of Cream Cheese and Olives…

My mother was German so having cream cheese and olives daily for lunch was all part of growing up. However in recent years, I have been unsuccessful finding this spread and in the few times I ever did –  it simply didn’t measure up…

So since cream cheese and olives is a now a forgotten spread – I will share with you these 10 simple rules from my childhood that made it SO darn good! 🙂

Rule #1

Always admit how much you LOVE cream cheese and olives no matter how many people around you say they hate it…

Rule #2

Do NOT over olive your cream cheese. This will instantly ruin the fantastic mixture we have come to love. The ratio is about 5-6 large olives per 4oz. of cream cheese. You must chop your olives finely and mix into the cream cheese creating the spread. No shortcuts here…

Rule #3

Only use Philly cream cheese and DO NOT use low-fat or non-fat. This will directly affect the texture and flavor and we don’t want that. 😉

Rule # 4

Use only good quality olives stuffed with pimento. You have to use pimento in your cream cheese and olives. It’s part of the flavor and color.

Rule #5

Do NOT add anything other than these 3 ingredients. This is not hard to master if you follow the rules I’ve provided.

Rule #6

Cream cheese and olives must be served on a TOASTED bagel (either plain bagel or everything bagel will do).

Rule #7

Spread on the cream cheese and olives immediately after toasting so it melts onto the bagel. The melting part is very important.

Rule #8

Serve the meal with either cheetos or doritos. The corn balances out the creamy texture. Cor is German right? 😉

Rule #9

If you are a newbie, don’t make gross faces while trying – throughly embrace the cream cheese and olive experience!

Rule #10

Offer any leftovers to your German ancestors – they will thank you for it. OR just store it in your fridge. 🙂

I hope you enjoy your Neufchâtel and olives!


Miss Amy


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