Filet Mignon w/a Beer Marinade and Rosemary Potatoes…

Let’s get grilling! I never thought I would use beer in the same sentence as filet mignon, but it WORKS and due to the fact I was not able to indulge in a juicy steak on my trip to the wild, I felt like a savage eating this meal. I almost forgot to use my fork… 😉

The meat was SO tender and the flavor was unbelievable with the secret ingredient, BEER!! Who would have thought?! I randomly got this tip the other day. Thank you mystery man. Since I am really the kind of cook that likes to throw a bunch of ingredients together, I am just going to tell you what I used.

I put 2 steaks in a zip lock  bag, added 1 whole beer, about 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary, 3 heaping spoonfuls of brown sugar, some sesame oil and rice wine vinegar. You could also toss in some fresh garlic if you like. 🙂  I marinated my steaks for about 12 hours and they were superb. I didn’t even use a fancy beer, just a bud light. 😉

The brown sugar caramelized the outside perfectly while the middle stayed juicy and soft.

For the rosemary potatoes, I sliced up 1 old-fashioned Idaho potato. I heated up 3-4 tablespoons of oil, then carefully placed the slices in.

I flipped them in the pan every couple of minutes making sure the potoatoes were doused in the olive oil. Once the outsides became nice and crispy I covered with a lid (or a piece of foil) so they would cook all the way through (aprox. 10 min.).

I had to have a green so I chose broccoli. I steamed some bunches with a lid over top. Added salt, pepper, and butter. That was easy 🙂

Now for my favorite part — the blue cheese dipping sauce. I blogged this before and now I just can’t have a steak without it. 🙂

In short you want to heat up about a cup of heavy whipping cream. Bring to a slow boil. Add in 3 oz of blue cheese and another ounce of parmesan. Stir and heat for another 5-7 min on med-low. Today I added a Gruyère blend instead of the parm and it was amazing, ahhh!!

I even poured the cheese sauce over my broccoli.

Oh yeah…I’m just plain giddy over this dish and there is definitely love in my eyes.

Can you see it? ❤

Enjoy your BEER marinated steak!! There is no turning back now…




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