Announcing the 7 Days of Squash!

I’m bringing you a squash recipe every day for 1 week. I will be sharing with you recipes and ways to prepare squash like you have never tasted before…stay tuned for the how-to-video’s that go along with each of these dishes!


Miss Amy

Day 1 – Asian Squash served over Kale

Day 2 – Mango infused Squash served over a Tangy Dill Cucumber Salad

Day 3 – Roasted Acorn Squash served over a Cranberry Almond Pearl Couscous

Day 4 – Squash Apple Salad w/Buratta Cheese, a Balsamic reduction, and Coconut Dressing

Day 5 – Fried Yellow Squash w/ a Basil Dipping Sauce

Day 6 – Parmesan Baked Squash served over Orzo Pasta

Day 7 – Grilled Squash and Asian Pear Salad w/a Maple Dressing


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