Simple Queso Dipping Sauce w/Homemade Tortilla Chips…

I used to love going to this authentic Mexican restaurant near my school in Virginia. They served the best white cheese dipping sauce with warm tortilla chips that I have yet to find, until now…

Score! I finally figured out how to make it after all these years. The key: Oaxaca Mexican cheese also known as Chihuahua cheese. It certainly does pay off to live in highly Spanish influenced city. 😉

This cheese looks like it is tied into a knot and is served in 10 oz packages. If you are having a party I would double this recipe.

You can also substitute white cheddar, but I’m going for authenticity. If you happen to live in the county I’d encourage you to venture out to a multi-ethnic foods store. They’re lots of fun!

Amy’s Authentic Cheese Queso

  • 1/2 cup half and half
  • 4 oz oaxaca chopped
  • cayenne
  • salt & pepper
  • cilantro for garnish

To begin, bring the half and half to a slow rolling boil. Reduce down and add the cheese. Whisk together and season to your liking. You can add jalapeno, chopped tomatoes, cumin, heck season it however you want. It’s your dip so get creative. 😉

In a fry pan heat up a thin layer of canola oil. Slice some small tortillas into half and then in half again.

Place a few into the oil and flip after 30 seconds.

Remove and place on a plate lined in paper towels.

Sprinkle some salt and serve with the warm queso.

Enjoy this blanco cheese sauce! ♥

Miss Amy


2 thoughts on “Simple Queso Dipping Sauce w/Homemade Tortilla Chips…

  1. My cheese is just clumpy and stringy. How long will it take to melt? Also can whole milk (2%) be substituted for half and half?

    • Hi Angela, the cheese does take a little time to melt down all the way, but once it’s done, it’s perfect! That’s a good question about the milk. I think whole milk may work as long as there is some fat, but I haven’t tried. Good luck!

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