Cashew Pesto with Swiss…

I changed up the basic pesto and used some cashews and swiss. There are no rules in the kitchen especially with pesto, so it’s fun to get creative with ingredients you have on hand.


It took me many years to get down the basic pesto and the trick is to chop your ingredients one at a time in your food processor starting with the basil. Next I add about 3 cloves of chopped up garlic. By chopping the garlic first helps with any large chunks the blade might miss. Next I add the nuts, then I drizzle in a stream of olive oil. Lastly I add about a 1/4 cup of shredded cheese and season with some salt and pulse a few more times. 🙂

You can add mayo to your pesto and make a summer salad with fresh tomatoes or you can spread it on a Panini for an Italian sandwich. Pesto is also great in an omelette or with a touch of cream for a pasta sauce.

Enjoy your cashew pesto! ♥


Miss Amy


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