So I Finally Made this Cake…

On the cover of Southern Living Magazine was this amazing picture of a Strawberry Lemonade cake.


I looked at my friend and pointed to the photo, “You see this cake? I’m gonna make this cake!” Now I know I have a food blog and all, but I am not the baker. And within the first 10 minutes I remembered exactly why I am not the baker and that is because apparently I can’t read. Within the first step of making the filling I had already skimmed over some rather crucial instructions that led me down an alternative route in thickening the Strawberry-Lemonade Jam. I began to notice a trend with this reading thing that led me into further struggles with the icing and then the cake batter.

If you do decide to take on this homemade cake, I highly recommend you have an electric hand mixer. The NON-baker thought she could handle the mixing by hand, but after 6 hours of baking she had a cramped arm and wrist that hurt very badly the next day. All in all I would not recommend this recipe to an amateur baker and there were many times I contemplated throwing flour in my hair and quitting. My cake didn’t come out as pretty as the picture and with one failed icing attempt I give this cake recipe an F for Frustrating, Fresh, Fancy, and absolutely Fabulous. I did not know how all of these difficult components would come together into an amazing cake, but somehow it did. And to think if I actually had a hand mixer?! 🙂


It was a cross between the old-fashioned strawberry custard cups I had as a kid and a cake that tastes a bit like an English shortbread – very yummy and after surmounting the Southern Living Cake Challenge I must say I felt proud and quite accomplished.

See Full Recipe

For now I think I am going to stick to the pies.


Miss Amy


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