My 4th of July Summer Rollups!

These are everything you would want at the cold table for a Summer BBQ all wrapped up into one TASTY bite! Cold cuts, macaroni salad, & a sweet pickle hit all of your taste buds in a creamy, delicious bite. They are so easy to make and a must-have for your 4th of July get together!


– Salami

– Swiss Cheese

– Dijon Mustard

– Black pepper

– Store-Bought Macaroni Salad

– Baby Dills (Sliced in half)

– Toothpicks

Photo Jul 02, 4 32 45 PM

Layout your salami and cheese. I prefer Lacey Swiss with the smaller holes.

Photo Jul 02, 4 33 59 PM

Begin layering the next 3 items beginning with a dollop of creamy Dijon mustard.

Photo Jul 02, 4 35 12 PM

And finish off with a sweet pickle.

Photo Jul 02, 4 36 07 PM

Wrap up and serve this sweet & savory appetizer that is sure to please!

Photo Jul 02, 4 42 09 PM Photo Jul 02, 4 42 57 PM

These will go fast…

Happy 4th of July,


Miss Amy


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