The Perfect Deviled Eggs…

Deviled eggs were practically a religion in my household. My mom was so precise with her ingredients and steps that it took me years before she would let me take my first stab at them. I was around 9 or 10 years old and I accidentally threw out the one key ingredient to make them, the yolks. Whoops! My mother was NOT happy with me to say the least, but since then I have mastered the art of the perfect deviled egg and I can’t believe how something so easy is never as good as THESE!

The Perfect Deviled Eggs:

  • Mayo
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Paprika

The trick – getting them creamy. I can’t tell you how many under-stuffed thick deviled eggs I have eaten in my lifetime. How do you get them so creamy you ask? Mayo – and there is no substitution for this, ya hear? You have to use the good stuff. Yes, I am talking about the old-fashioned Hellmann’s Mayo or Best Foods (Not Fat-Free) and a lot of it. This is how you are able to stretch the yolks and over-stuff your eggs.

There are 2 more very essential ingredients, mustard – either dijon which is what I prefer or spicy mustard and just a splash of worcestershire sauce. Here is the ratio in the photo below. Now I actually added a little more mayo after this, but I kept the ratio and did not add salt. There is plenty of salt in the other ingredients, so this is it. Now if you nail this part there will be no need to add any other fancy ingredients and waste your money on crab or caviar. If you master these steps, your deviled eggs will fly off the table within 20 minutes. I promise 🙂

Photo Dec 30, 6 40 38 PM

24 deviled eggs (12 boiled eggs)

First, you have to fork the yolks. That means after you have scooped out the yolks you use a fork to break down all the lumps so the consistency is very fine.

Next you cream in the remaining ingredients, about 1-1/2 cups of mayo, a tablespoon mustard, and a splash of worcestershire sauce.

Photo Dec 30, 6 48 39 PM

You can whip with a beater to get them extra smooth. I chose to have them more rustic looking.

Photo Dec 30, 6 56 48 PMPhoto Dec 30, 6 57 00 PM

Do you see how happy these eggs look? They are perfectly stuffed and delicious! Last, you are going to top them with paprika.

Photo Dec 30, 6 58 08 PMPhoto Dec 30, 6 58 13 PM

You can pipe them from a bag or leave them sloppy like I love mine, but either way they will be gone fast.

Enjoy!! ♥♥

Miss Amy


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