The Year of Pink!


I can feel color. Yes, I know that may seem weird, but I can feel it in my bones rattling through me. I believe color has a vibration like any other form of energy. I don’t know if its psychic or not, but I call myself a color intuitive.  It’s my gift if you will and as I sat in many color forecasting workshops and meetings back when I worked in corporate, the colors I felt in my heart, the trends I predicted, always came true.  And this year I feel PINK! I’ve never been a pink person so this is new for me. I’ve always been drawn to blues, greens…but I’m embracing this warm glowing color that makes you happy inside – and eating it up.

So let’s look at the color pink. Well, it’s a feminine color. It’s calming and is associated with love and rosy cute cheeks on a baby. Pink is essentially the tint of red which means the color white is added to it. The color white has the great ability to calm any color down. White is clean, symbolizes purity, is angelic and innocent, which in turn is what it does to red and that becomes the effervescent, warm, glowing pink.

I became intrigued as to why I was suddenly attracted to this color and I remembered hearing a very pivotal story on prison cells and pink when I was studying interior design over a decade ago.

Baker-Miller Pink

Schauss decided to name this color after the facilities directors, Baker and Miller.

In 1979, Alexander Schauss convinced the directors of the Navy correctional institute in Seattle, Washington to paint some prison cells pink to see what the psychological effects would be on the prisoners. After 15 minutes of inmates being exposed to this color there was a major shift – their tone, demeanor, even violet behavior was dramatically reduced – and as I am telling you this story about this magical color, I too am embracing this color shift.

I am getting married this year. 2016 is my year. I got engaged on the beach in Tulum this past October with a beautiful turquoise ring. It was the same beach I did a Mayan Temescal Ceremony on 3 years earlier and my Shaman Adrian spoke about this very special stone and it’s ties to Mother Earth and the ocean. That is when I started being drawn to certain stones because of their healing properties. I had told my fiancé about this story and I thought it was so beautiful how he honored that part of my spiritual journey in the proposal. After I accepted the ring, he said, “I’m still planning on getting you the perfect diamond.” I softly grunted to myself and looked at him. “I’m not sure if I want a diamond.”

There was something about the diamond that just wasn’t sitting well with me. Perhaps it was the movie “Blood Diamond,” or the article I read on De Beers hoarding all the diamonds, but that was about the time I started falling in love with another gemstone – the Morganite.


LaMore Design Halo Morganite Ring

This is a light pinkish color stone and there it was PINK showing up in my life. When something shows up in my life and I’m drawn to it, I typically begin researching.

I’m sure most ladies haven’t researched the meaning of a diamond and they base it off of its symbolism of marriage, hardness and rarity, but when I looked at the actual healing properties, I found out it was good for coughs and mucus. What?! Now I don’t know about you, but that is not a stone I want to be wearing every day, so when I researched the Morganite gemstone, I was both happy & stunned to find out this was the stone of LOVE. It heals negative emotions, internal wounds, cleanses your body and brings a frequency of divine compassion. Ding, ding, ding. This is my stone!

The next time this color showed up for me was when I had my heart set on a pair of green suede slippers with a white bow – ironic, I know. I had been eyeing them for months, but when it came time for me to order them with my gift card, the only ones that were left were pink –of course. When I look forward upon this year and what’s to come, I see myself running through large fields with pink sunsets and there is a heavenly pinkish glow that is surrounding everything. I’m sure you’ll begin to see pink showing up in your life somewhere, but I think this a positive sign for 2016.

Design by Amy Passantino - Estella Grace

Design by Amy Passantino – Estella Grace

So what does this color vibration say? It is the year of the ladies, where women can finally start putting themselves first in business and in relationships. It is also the color of breast cancer awareness, and of course – LOVE. It could be universal love, which we all need, and self-love. So ladies, it is time to celebrate this amazing year, embrace our inner pink, be strong and let our happy hearts shine free.

-Amy Passantino

Interior Designer & Owner of Estella Grace


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